Friday, 4 October 2013

Men & Dating: Women’s Four Biggest Turn-offs

No matter how many romantic movies we see, dating shows we watch, books we read or relationships we have, men and women fail to understand one another. Love is a battlefield, and dating is warfare. Single men and women struggle with a curse of first dates with no follow up, misread signals and are generally clueless. Especially while dating, men and women want to be mind readers. One of the biggest questions singles have is what are turn-ons or turn-offs?

Men may be led to believe that women want a tall man with an impressive salary and six-pack abs. Sure, women may look for physical attractiveness or financial stability, but there’s also male characteristics that women don’t want. If you’re a man who’s serious about dating and want to know some things you may be doing that drives women away, then keep reading.


False confidence disappoints a gal. Confidence is attractive and when it’s not authentic, what a bummer. If beneath that wall of false confidence exists an ocean of insecurities, then you may not stand a chance with continuing this courtship. Most women don’t expect a man to excel at all aspects of his life, from his career to his appearance; however, we do appreciate self-awareness, acceptance and assurance. Men who suffer from self pity or low self-esteem need not apply.


The ego can be dangerous. We can be subconsciously fueled by our ego without even realizing. Men who need their egos stroked and boosted and who need a woman to do so are exhausting and pathetic. Women don’t like needy men just as much as men don’t like needy women, and a need to feed the ego is more toxic than a need for attention. When your birthday rolls around, do you feel so self-important that you expect an expensive party decked out with happy birthday decorations and fireworks? Then get over yourself or you’ll never get a woman under you. Instead, do those things for her birthday and she will give you all the thanks you need to feel important and special.


Relationships are give and take, and when the man prefers to take, take, take a woman will run. When a woman dates, she’s innately built to try to find someone who can be a strong provider. Turned off by the idea of single women looking for her husband and father of her future children? Get used to it because it’s natural and biological. Whether we’re aware of it or not, women are attracted to someone who can care for a family. If you’re only focused on your own wants and needs, then disqualify yourself from the dating game. You’re better off in this relationship with yourself.


Honesty really is the best policy, I can’t stress that enough. Women want, appreciate and can handle the truth. Are you guilty of uttering the words, “let’s do this again, I’ll call you,” after a first date without any intentions of following up? Do you tend to tell someone whom you’re dating what they want to hear just to make them happy and maintain your good-standing position? The solution is simple: tell the truth because no matter how hard it is to tell or hear the truth, it doesn’t mislead or confuse anyone.
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